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Mrazek – framing exotica – are you sitting comfortably?

Gotta take risks to get the image you need: There’s a revealing warning reported in what is a really excellent book by Rudolph Mrazek (from 2002, called Engineers of Happy Land: Technology and Nationalism in a Colony (Princeton, Princeton University … Continue reading

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Zen choice

Hey hey hey – take me back to the dyakshya yoga youth refuge I first ran to after Grandpa Tate thought I shouldn’t keep camping out in his backyard shed… I was 14 – Crikey, there is a long story … Continue reading

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Subscribe to WPRM_BRITAINPowered by people of the whole world are confronted with a global challenge by imperialism aiming to solidify and expand a world-wide empire. They have declared their right to use military force to intervene anywhere and everywhere, … Continue reading

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Trinketization: ‘Third World Tourism’ and the manufacture ofthe Exotic

I am sort of stuck in my room. Somewhat foolishly perhaps, I agreed to write an entry on Exotica and Tourism for Jonathan Gray’s encyclopedia (getting so there are too many such things about) and I agreed to a deadline … Continue reading

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Trinket Crimbo

XMAS TEACHES KIDS TO LOVE CAPITALISM This old graffito favourite (I will post pics sometime) returned to mind this morning when I was rudely awakened by some god-bothering Bishop (Nazir Ali) on Radio Four’s Today Programme complaining in ever so … Continue reading

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Occasionally I update on Bougainville stuff (here and here and here) but the latest I have is this (and someone certainly should dissertate on the topic…): This interview first ran around 0549 GMT By James Attwood Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES … Continue reading

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Indian curry powder – theory of translation

I am first of all against translation as it is mad, its impossible, it cannot ever be true to origins, its a kind of violence, it is always political, it transforms, it is creative, it is heroic to try, it … Continue reading

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