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DisOrient X

You’ve read about some of this on my main site which is called Trinketization so I’m also posting it here just to try to achieve blanket coverage in my own claustromaniac world. Details in text and on the flyer as … Continue reading

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BSG Circles

You’ll find lots of interesting stuff on Ange’s blog ‘Sometimes’, but I must confess I was pleasantly surprised to find she’s a BSG fan – her compendium/aggregation of BSG posts from elsewhere is the best I’ve seen. Check: here But … Continue reading

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Ashis "ahast" but having fun

English, the Mother GoddessBy Shashwati on History A rather vivid account of Lord Macauley’s 206th birthday celebration in the Indian Express. The event was organized by Dalit leader Chandrabhan Prasad, which included the unveiling of a portrait of English, the … Continue reading

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Metafisaticuffs – I can feel my eyes glaze over in slow motion whenever anyone says the word “ontology”. Its thrown about like a big wet cod, the sort you might find riding a bicycle in a Guinness ad. Ontofukcycle posturing … Continue reading

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Its twenty years ago today since the Writing/Culture volume by Clifford and Marcus came out and summed up the ‘raging’ debates in anthro at the time about authority and style and surrealism and text. Contemporary anthro undergrads will yawn. But … Continue reading

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Iwo Jima outrage

In respect of the white-washed sands of Iwo Jima (suburb of Hollywood, made by Clint into a fantasy space where all American heros are John Wayne clones, an ideological confit that is ever so totally unrealated to Vietnam/Iraq type losses … Continue reading

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notes for Satanic Majesties Request paper

‘wawhat can a white boy do, but to sing for a rock and roll band?’ S. S. Sisodia, in Salman Rushdie’s politically incorrect Satanic Verses, stammers: “The trouble with the Engenglish is that their hiss hiss history happened overseas, so … Continue reading

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