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I’ve been trawling about wanting to find some sort of confirmation of the glorious rumour that media baron William Randolph Hearst (and his gun-toting, John Waters’ films cameo starring, socialite grand-daughter) was somehow tied up with the ongoing presence of … Continue reading

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Unable to sleep, I’ve been obsessing once again (fetish object) about the start of Capital, and the inadequacies of the Penguin translation, in which the word appearance so features as both trick and key. This is for the start of … Continue reading

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Comic site of note

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People's Tribunal on the Many and Varied War Crimes Trial of Tony Blair

I was invited to a small workshop at Tate Modern last friday (with folks like Chantal Mouffe, Mike Shapiro, John Armitage, Naeem Mohaiemen and many others – the ‘overly romantic’ Bernadette Buckley was enthusiastic) to discuss the possibilities for an … Continue reading

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City Planning

An abstract I have sent in for a conference in Phnom Penh in January. The conference is called “Living Capital: Sustaining Diversity in Southeast Asian Cities”./ The paper I plan to write for this will cover research I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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Last Night at the Opera

Opera is cool, I am going to go again – how much is a season ticket? (smirk). Gaddafi – A Living Myth, by Asian Dub Foundation/English National Opera, was terrific, a spectacle, and Ramon Tikaram was great. The piece had … Continue reading

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Irwin memorial tickets predicted to sell out in minutes

There is a sting in the tail in this report from the Australian Broadcasting Commission: ‘Police expect tickets for Steve Irwin’s public memorial service to be allocated within minutes when they become available this morning at9am AEST. Hundreds of people … Continue reading

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