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Shine Media

Shine Media: “Orange Life – Latest IssueSummer 2006: Space for OurselvesFeatures:Revolutionary TourismWhen Nepal does appear in our newspapers and on TV, it’s usually to show Himalayan landscapes and Sherpas, complete with references to Shangri-La (the earthly paradise found in a … Continue reading

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What are those things for?

I was asked just recently about the purpose/function/mechanics of those ‘subscribe to this’ lines that appear at the bottom of the page here, and on the sidebar in my main “diary thing” (called Trinketization where you can also subscribe via … Continue reading

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Dub at the Movies.

“Music is a weapon of mass destruction” – ADF Cinema and sound sync/mix technology seems to come and go in leaps and loops. Where once the screen image required accompaniment by a live performer at a piano, today, such a … Continue reading

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Attributed to Jean-Luc Godard:

“Tracking shots are a question of morality.” [on Los Angeles] “It’s a big garage.” “There is no point in having sharp images when you’ve fuzzy ideas.” “Every edit is a lie.” “Up to now — since shortly after the Bolshevik … Continue reading

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17-8. RampArt and Sly – secret omnipresence of resistance.

“I insist I’m a legitimate scientistpaid by the government with your finances”– Cookbook DIY Last night I caught the tube to Shadwell and walked to the corner of Rampart and Sly Streets (hmmm, significant street names – Ramparts was a … Continue reading

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I cite

I’ve not met Jodi Dean, but I like her style – a little anxiety at an error on the last page of her new book I can surely understand (since my first book – Rumour – had an error on … Continue reading

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Addiction confession. A kind of love story for our times. I’m hooked. Though I’m not sure I can convey exactly how extreme the pleasure of this summer transgression has been. Like blue bubbles of joy popping underwater but inside your … Continue reading

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