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Worrying about what is televised is not yet the revolution.

Worrying about what is televised is not yet the revolution. (apologies to Gil Scott Heron) Photographs. The pictures we see of the wounded and dead from Lebanon deserve close brave attention (never looking away) not only because they still have … Continue reading

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Protest against Condi Rice in Kuala Lumpur – Get Lost adn Get Out

Protest against Condi Rice in Kuala Lumpur MEDDLING IN ASEAN AND MIDDLE EAST!CONDI RICE TOLD TO GET LOST AND GET OUT Kuala Lumpur, 27 July 2006 A small crowd of two hundred people called on US Secretary of State, … Continue reading

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Updates on the aggression against lebanon

Updates on the aggression against lebanon: “Mapping of Israeli assault: July 12-24 posted by zeina at 8:18 PM 3 commentsMinute by Minute:: July 2514:01 Six Israeli air strikes on environs of al-Khiam, Ibl al-Saqi and al-Khiam/Marjeoun road13:58 Lebanese army command … Continue reading

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correspondences of theory – citation

– a reply to a fav student on our MA Postcolonial in CCS who asked about ways to present his work on charity/WTO etc. My reply turned out to be as much for me as for him, got me thinking … Continue reading

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Marx Course for next Year. (draft)

Lecture course 2006-2007 – Centre for Cultural Studies. [draft] “Cultural Studies and Capitalism” Lecturer: John Hutnyk, CCS. This course will take Marx’s Capital Volume One as a core text, reading a chapter a week (Penguin translation), supplemented by more recent … Continue reading

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3quarksdaily deluge on the tongue, taste that, anticipate, our appetites agog…

3quarksdaily: “Pynchon on AmazonIn Slate:Things did not delay in turning curious when the first beats of the drumroll began for Thomas Pynchon’s forthcoming book. Last month, lit-bloggers and news-writers reported that Penguin Press would issue the author’s sixth novel in … Continue reading

Posted in writing | Three Letters from Beirut Three Letters from Beirut:[thanks to Kee Yong for pointing towards this] “As per the usual of Lebanon, it’s not only about Lebanon, the country has paradigmatically been the terrain for regional conflicts to lash out violently. Off course speculations … Continue reading

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