theory of the offensive

Ben renames his spot, and deftly arcs up the flare:

theory of the offensive: “Yet Another Televised Revolution, exclusively distributed as part of the Straight-to-Video Collection
My new bland ambition: a critique of schematic efforts at the periodisation of the combined and uneven subsumptions constituting this current moment in the history of capital, in which the concept of ‘the left-wings of capital’ plays a substantial supporting role, with cameo and bit parts for leftists, ‘activists’, insert your own etceteras, also providing technical assistance helping to give the left-wings of capital the illusion of three dimensions which illusion I include our new geopolitics of reification i.e. the illusion of three dimensions rather than four, the provision of special lighting to generate a depthless appearance of the always-already eternal, an occlusion of the conflictual constitution of the lived categories of capital thus, as a bonus, producing that flat Surrealpolitik making imaginable some sick, consensual left-wing capitalism in which we can all labour hard and manage the oh-so-fairer exchanges of the work-camps on whose ethical status we can found a good conscience, high moral ground and claim for surplus value ..
well, you get the picture, we can all assent to exploitation-as-liberation. Fight the class struggle: Kill a fair trader this winter.”