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Hybridity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So does this mean soon my guff will be summarized in 101-type lectures – my arriviste wiki moment (!!!): Hybridity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:“Hybridity as a rhetorical Cul-de-sac.The development of hybridity theory as a discourse of anti-essentialism marked the … Continue reading

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[My-ci] My Research on Creative Industries

Ned Rossiter makes some good points in discussion of why his research is relevant… was for a job talk, but subsequently sent to MyCI – have a look at the whole thing, its not too long… [My-ci] My Research on … Continue reading

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Kim's Game

I have a brother called Kim (Hiya) and in the book I am writing now (‘Jungle Studies’) I will have some sharp things to say about Rudyard Kipling the creator of Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera and Akhela, as well as about … Continue reading

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maria_technosux's Journal

maria_technosux’s Journal: “7:12pm: Intellectual guilt and take-no-prisonersSometimes I feel a little guilty for bashing avant garde whiteboys. They deserve it, of course, but I’m a softy deep down inside and I feel like I’m picking an easy target. I think … Continue reading

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Public Private Knowledge: The Last Communist

This image that I take to be a plastic diarama efigy of a Malaya Communist Party cadre from the 1940s is from a film I have been reading about with interest as a controversy rages over its banning in Malaysia. … Continue reading

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Lelaki Komunis Terakhir (The Last Communist)

The Last Communist (2006) Meanwhile, NOT in Malaysia, since its been banned, this film tells the story of the early life of Malay Communist Party leader, Chin Peng: “Synopsis A semi-musical documentary inspired by the early life and legacy of … Continue reading

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Struggling with identity?

Hari Kunzru doing the rounds, this week he’s in KL (a British Council gig, but see also PEN)… This ‘cool dude’ report is from “The Star” 14 May 2006 (excerpt) : Struggling with identity?: “Award-winning author and all round Renaissance … Continue reading

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