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Trinket Exit Strategy of our Press

Something from the newspaper yesterday which confirms all I was saying about Nepal – on the very day the Maoists declared a three month cease fire, all The Guardian saw fit to publish was just half the face of this … Continue reading

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Perverted By Language

Piper got the blog back and the Brighton girl from Arkansas has her own now. Still mesmerised, as am I, by the lesser films of Bill Murray: Perverted By Language: “Ghostbusters 2 is chock full of the past itself coming … Continue reading

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The double visage.

notes towards the end of the Nepal text for Canada…. My beef with the travel story version of Nepal is that here South Asia appears on the world screen most often as a ‘realist’, but usually tragic, news item. Images … Continue reading

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Revolutionary tourism

Revolutionary tourism (notes for article for a Canadian magazine). I am watching television and Nepal is on screen. It is unusual to see anything other than documentary curios from the land locked Himalayan kingdom, but this week the place is … Continue reading

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I will shop till you drop

Its grey and drizzling in Nagoya but there is no way that the Sakura is going to disappoint. Where is the umeshu? The best thing – many agree, I would guess, after my first visit here in April three years … Continue reading

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The Pirate Party

Check this out : The Pirate Party “Because kidnapping and killing people on the high seas is exactly the same as sharing music with your friends!” Music video contest! For the Pirate Party, we want to show pirate-themed music … Continue reading

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Everyday Life of Revolutionary Movements

Alpa writes:Dear All,If anyone is interested being involved in a panel on ‘The Everyday Life of Revolutionary Movements’ at the forthcoming September meeting of theEuropean Association of Social Anthropologists, please see further details at: The idea is to explore … Continue reading

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