Stretching turned me into an insect.

Ouch! Did my back in and can’t walk at present. This was the last day of term too. I was in my office reaching for a book to show the folks doing my HERA interview (Higher Education Role Analysis – another surveillance exersize from the dark side that also makes us do quality assurance, research assessment, cv maintenance in a different format every time, and a dozen other tactics for interrupting the actual work of teaching and research, but hey, what’s my view on all this worth, what answer would I give to stop them inventing new ways to get their happy sheets filled in?).

Anyway, the book was an issue of Left Curve, and then there was this crunching sound across the base of my back, and the next day I could not move. Gregor Samsa from the “Metamorphosis” is my role model now. Given Goldies new ‘brand value’, that we offer a ‘transformatory experience’, perhaps this role thing does make a kinda twisted sense. I am a bug, flat on my back, can’t get out of bed. Faced with the creeping commercialisation of the sector, this seems a valid response, or repose, or refusal, or whatever. Anyway, hopefully it will have cleared up before I get on thee plane to Melbourne on tuesday.
Cat from Brighton, possibly a friend of Piper Jones.