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Stretching turned me into an insect.

Ouch! Did my back in and can’t walk at present. This was the last day of term too. I was in my office reaching for a book to show the folks doing my HERA interview (Higher Education Role Analysis – … Continue reading

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BWO – Deleuze Eurovision-aries

What was Alexander Bard and crew doing in my sunday paper on the weekend. Oh No, the Eurovision song contest – look out – Deleuzians about. Hey hey. The Observer Music section was reporting on For more on BWO … Continue reading

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bye bye – Chicago's storm troopers

Why should Blair go now? on the 3rd anniversary of the start of the Iraq war? Nah, head in the sand as ever. The Guardian front page today “should” have been this picture from Chicago, rather they buried it small … Continue reading

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Notes on Repetition. Adorno says no. (as Hektor Rottweiler) Marx quotes Hegel – tragedy and farce. Deleuze quotes Nietzsche- eternally. Difference and repetition. Migration and repetition – and that whole nasty NF crap about ‘repatriation’ that you hear in the … Continue reading

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Silence on Music and Politics. (thoughts to add to the word hoard)

Silence: on Music and Politics. thoughts to add to the word hoard, and for a Royal Holloway Talk given on thursday about Hip Hop in Europe, focussing on repetitions and the refusal of Paul Simon to give Fun^da^mental clearance to … Continue reading

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Powell's Books – Bad Marxism: Capitalism and Cultural Studies by John Hutnyk

Powell’s Books – Bad Marxism: Capitalism and Cultural Studies by John Hutnyk: “Bad Marxism: Capitalism and Cultural Studiesby John HutnykISBN:0745322662 (More details…)Available at:Quimby WarehouseSynopses & ReviewsBook News Annotation:To Hutnyk (anthropology and cultural studies, Goldsmiths College, UK), figures like James Clifford, … Continue reading

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Back in the UK…

Imogen is back in the UK. This is a pic of the lear jet on which she flew back from New York. Reports from those who were visiting with her just before she left said she was smiling at people, … Continue reading

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