This is a pic of Imogen Bunting on her first day of school in New York. I am thinking of her and want her well.

We have been editing a book together, to be called “Communist Trinkets” but as its one of a million other great things she does, we have let it drag on a little, but it is underway (chapters by Alneng, Thoburn, Dutton, Phipps…).

So, she really needs to give me a call and not be in a coma as she has been since 10 Feb. Imogen, Wake up. This just cannot be happenning. Please.

I will write more when I am able, but my thoughts go to her and her folks and friends at her bedside. Oh Bog, give her a phone. Somehow it must happen.


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  1. Imogen had a heart attack in the street on 10 Feb and has been in coma since. Her parents are in New York with her, everyone is devastated.

  2. Hi there John, my name is Marie and I work for the TUC in the UK. Imogen was working with us before she came to NY and we are all thinking of her here in South West England. I understand that she is back home in Britain but no further news.Marie x

  3. Hi – I spoke to Imogen’s mum Angie last night. The trip to UK from NY was of course a strain, but for now seems to have not worsened Imogen’s situation. The whole scenario still seems very very bad and we are in this for a long while, but there is some sense that she sometimes recognises her parents (she cries – we think its emotional) and her boyfriend (she smiles – Jere is a star). The doctors are pessimistic, but I will refuse to be as I know Imogen is one who does not go by the written script in the dominant texts (unless of course its old beardo who always wrote true). I will visit weekend after this. xJ

  4. Hello–my name is Annie Balocating and I was a former classmate of Imogen’s at the New School. I googled Imogen’s name and was able to find the most information here on your site regarding her situation. Would you happen to have any further updates of Imogen’s situation? I had not realized how grave this is until after reading your blog. Many thanks, Annie Balocating

  5. Hi AnnieThere are occasional bits of good news – she smiles, she waves, she cries – but I have not made it to Exeter to see her (just hurt my back and can’t walk – should clear up soon) and we are not talking about her being back yet. The situation is still quite grim. BUT, I’ve spoken often to Angela and keep on saying what I resolutely believe, Imogen will bounce back somehow. She will.The worldwide support is amazing – Mexico, Middle East, New York, West Coast, Europe… pleased to meet you herexJohn

  6. Hi JohnYes your site seems to be becoming a focus for people to find out how Imogen is doing. Friends of Imogen who met her at Goldsmiths may now be spread far and wide, but I’m sure we are all thinking of her and we want her to get well soon as.Breezy X

  7. Dear John,Thank you for your kind note, and it is a pleasure to have met you online. I am happy to have received the update, and wish you well in your back recovery!Will check back soon. Many thanks again!xAnnie

  8. Hi John,Im maria imogen best friend from secondary school, I just wanted to say how happy i am that you started this blog. I spoke to Angie last night and she said imogen will be having a difbrillator fitted this week. I am going back to devon next weekend and i will be going in to see how she is doing. Imogen is a great person who is always strong, kind and loving she will pull through this and come out the other side laughing. I will let you know how she is when i see her.Maria xx

  9. Hey John. Only just seen this. How is she doing? Have you heard any news? Haven’t seen her in years, but like almost everybody I remember her with great fondness. Take good care, Imogenvikram x

  10. Hey John. Only just seen this. How is she doing? Have you heard any news? Haven’t seen her in years, but like almost everybody I remember her with great fondness. Take good care, Imogenvikram x

  11. Very sad news,Imogen passed away in the early hours this sunday morning,we have known Imogen since she was a child,and she child minded for our daughter.she was such a gifted young lady.our thoughts are with Angie,Jonny,Fred & Jare at this sad time.. God bless

  12. This is such tragic news! My thoughts too go with Imogen’s family at this very very sad time!Sheila (Dept’l Sec of Anth when Imogen was a student at GS College)

  13. I too was so saddended to hear of this terrible ending to an already devastating situation. Imogen and I were in John’s Aesthetic Theory reading group some years ago–and as John already noted, and to her credit, she was not one to go with the standard readings of Adorno or anyone else. I also edited part of her Goldsmiths dissertation, which will hopefully now be published as it should have been some time ago. I kept up with her numerous achievements and interests vicariously and with admiration, and maybe a little jealousy! The comments here and elsewhere are testament to what an all-round wonderful person she was. I am sorry she’s gone.

  14. I also wanted to thank you for making this blog, and for posting that photograph. I met Imogen last year at a party in NYC. I saw her a lot at school and at activist spaces in the city. I always loved talking with her. She had a sort of magic about her. A brilliance, a great sense of humor, and a genuine sweetness. And she’ll be greatly missed.

  15. I was a classmate of Imogen’s at the New School. I’m so devastated to hear that she has left us. She was such an inspiration and mentor. i will remember her always. God Bless

  16. I was a classmate of Imogen’s at the New School. I’m so devastated to hear that she has left us. She was such an inspiration and mentor. i will remember her always. God Bless

  17. This was sent out to all the students at New SchoolImogen Helen Clinch-Bunting, an MA student at The New School for Social Research, a Prize Fellow in the Anthropology Department, and a beloved member of the university community, died in Exeter, England, on April 23 at the age of 25. Imogen was recovering from a massive heart failure, which she suffered in New York City on February 10, followed by a coma, from which she awoke only several weeks ago. A commemorative event for Imogen is being planned by the university and will be announced in the coming weeks.

  18. Thank you for putting this site together. I too am a classmate of imogen’s, and also devastated by her loss as are many of us who were touched by her beautiful, but short life. My heart goes out to her family Angie, John and Fred and her boyfriend Jere. Imogen’s fighting spirit lives on! Imogen’s loving and kind spirit lives on! Imogen lives in all of us…as this blog is indeed testimony of. Also check out our student website to see some of those traces of how Imogen thought cared about the welfare of others and the world around her. In love and sorrow.

  19. dear all, i am a friend and classmate of dear imogen’s and am truly crushed by her loss. she was such a vital and inspirational part of our community. the world will not be the same without her loving heart and couragous spirit.

  20. hi John,even for those who like me didn’t know Imogen in person but have read about her here, it’s good to have a place like this through which to send our thoughts to Imogen’s family and friends in this very sad moment. I’m sure all the friends will always keep the best memories of her.a~

  21. Atticus said… Where do I begin. I taught Imogen for one term, we dominated the debate as though no one else was there, she became a friend, we bumped into each other often in New Cross on our bikes, we smiled, laughed and then jumped into deep conversations about theory, anthropology, the world love and our zest for life. I went on fieldwork for a year and we exchanged the most sporadic, detailed, meaningful and profound emails. I returned, she went to NY and our emails continued. In May 2005 on a very sunny day we met and picked up like always – lots of smiles and excitement then down to business. This time our talk was of anthropology and textual representation and she was very excited about this book ‘Let us Now Praise Famous Men’ as it had changed her relationship about the possibilities of writing…She posted me a copy with a lovely note which I have looked at often and will continue to do so. Imogen, books, bikes, a serious mind and one hell of a smile- a truly wonderful human being.

  22. My wife Helen used to look after Imogen & Freddie, She would meet them after school and take them home. Imogen would have been about 12 or 13 at the time, I remember her infectious smile and Freddie’s Cheeky grin, I’ve seen them both since on a few occasions, last time I saw Imogen it must be 3 or 4 years ago, she had turned into a bright beautiful young woman, full of life, so much life.Our thoughts are with Angie, Johnny & Freddie.Loves always Helen, James & Lucas

  23. wowwith may day and the beltane time i thought to google imogens name as we had not connected in quite a while, and to see if there was something her her works on line of govt responses to public gatherings or rel;ated invesitigations, since when she first arrived in nyc and sought a place to crash for a slight bit at a friendsa lovely divine person and presence, natural confident and unshaven under her arms, smiles and dedication to a better worldwowlife is preciousplease p[ost here when the commemoration is

  24. Friday 5th Dart…Hall (nearest rail Totnes) from 12 noonI cannot bear how sad this is.

  25. If at all possible, for those of you who will be present there with Imogen and all her beloved family members and friends, would you mind scanning in the program or any printed materials for those of us who are mourning from a distance? It would mean so much to us.

  26. such sad news.a few days ago i met a few former classmates from goldsmiths. like me, none had seen imogen in many years, but all remembered her with great affection and were deeply saddened when i told them she was gone. imogen was a wonderful person – kind, smart and full of compassion and hope. god bless xvikram

  27. Hi allAs promised to some of the (my guess 240) people at the beautiful Dartington Hall in Devon on friday where the commemoration for Imogen was held, I here make available a link to one of her published writings: this was an article she wrote for the journal “Left Curve”, based in Oakland California, and edited by Csaba Polony (its the 2003 issue). is more of this sort of thing to come, and I guess some more pics too, so check back.John

  28. John, I cannot believe this has happened. such a sense of loss, even for those who like me knew Imogen only a little. Thank you so much for your site and references to Imogen’s work.

  29. I grew up a few streets away from Imogens Newton Abbot family home and attended the same secondary school as her, allbeit two school years apart. But I first new of her through hers and my parents involvment in the local CND and/or anti apartied movements Which probably pre-dated our school conection by four or more years. I dont have the means with which to convey how cheated Imogens family, friends and world as a whole are by her hugely premature death. She seemed to have an in built thirst to fight the cause (and encourage others to do so) of those (politcally or otherwise)without a voice, but her need for justice and equallity on a worldwide scale was more than matched by her genuine love and warmth shown to the many people that couldn’t help but be captured by her on a personal level. Imogen was a truely lovelly and brilliant (although she would never have admitted it) young lady who has changed the lives of all who knew her for the better and had the abillity to do the same for so many more that would never get the chance. I will always miss her. Jack Wood

  30. Wish you were still here with us tomorrow, Imogen, so we could all celebrate your 26th birthday, no matter which location of the globe where we are all scattered. I still cannot believe she’s not here.

  31. A year ago tommorow since she was takenImogen I love you, you were the most brilliant person I ever met, you were always there for me ever since I was born, I will never forgot you, i think and cry about you everyday, i wish you were here with me now more than anything, i would give anything for just one more minute with you

  32. Two long summers and two long winters our little gang and of five would meet under the slide in Courtney Park, we were young and full of energy with pedal bikes being the lads main mode of transport – the back of which being the girls when time was not on our side. We would still meet come rain or shine every chance we could, and we had so much fun being young and free, with little to care about in our own little world, The time seamed sad when we had part for Imogen’s curfew at 9pm – the next year which if I remember correctly rose 10 pm, I never did tell Imogen just how much I liked her – although the lads would always tease as young teenage lads do, at the ill hidden secret I would strangely deny so absolutely, despite the fact everyone obviously knew. I am afraid to say we all got a little older that winter with the coming of underage access to pubs and clubs for me. That park seamed rather less appealing the following summer and we grew apart – we met sometimes there after whenever chance crossed our paths.Imogens memory to me always was, and is, and always will be one warm and beautiful, she will always be that beautiful girl I knew and that memory will never grow old or change. There is nothing a can say which can possibly begin to make things any easier to her family and her brother who I met once or twice – (when he was very very small.)I have lost good people – but then these under almost unavoidable circumstances which were so very different, Imogens story is so tragic and shocking and i felt i must right something should anything happen to me. I just want her family to know – I am still here, stranger though i am. And I have some great memory’s of her which I will hold dear for ever. Just one more person out of the many telling you i will not forget her !

  33. Happy birthday, dear Imogen. On what would have been your 27th birthday, there are signs of you everywhere around New York City: beautiful gala apples at the Union Square Farmer’s Market, the color lime green ubiquitous, and glimpses of smiles that have me taking a second look thinking I see you. Missing you hasn’t become any easier…

  34. A beautiful summer’s afternoon and wishing I could spend it with you on the beach as we used to. Swimming, eating, laughing and chatting. I so miss being with you Imogen

  35. i met imogen many years ago in india, quickly she became a close friend. we didn´t have so much contact after that. we didn´t need to, we knew we were going to stay friends-looking forward to meet in 10 years or so..after not recieving e-mail or replies from her since my birthday ending 2005 i decided to google her name-no need to think “why didn´t i do that before”, i knew she´s writing so i was sure to find some article. i found this..everyone here miss imogen,everyday some thoughts of ours are with her i´m sure, and thou we don´t know eachother, i felt i had to write a comment here, because after all tradegy i´m really thankful to you john, for having this blogg. i have followed what happened and also been able to read some things she wrote…and also get some understanding of what she´s been doing and participating in..again thank you

  36. its days like these, messy, random, full of thoughts – and hopes and dreams and anticipation – that make this raw all over again.I know that, no matter what, Imogen would have been here .

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