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the trick of academic low pay, no overtime pay, and eroded conditions, in an underfunded sector, in a world of fat cattery… leads to charity

AUT – the Union makes us strong and all that – are locked in a dispute with the university bosses and some of the press seem to be doing a good job pointing out the ‘anomolies’ that need to be … Continue reading

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From: Contemporary South Asia vol 14, no 3 Sept 2005

Review of Bad Marxism: Capitalism and Cultural Studiesby Lee Jarvis. Although this book represents a more general theoretical engagement with cultural studies and global capitalism, much of John Hutnyk’s analysis contains direct significance for contemporary South Asian politics, particularly when … Continue reading

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Communists have birthdays too……………… (even when the struggle is grim)

Imogen, you should definitely wake up today to check this out. Feb 21st is the anniversary of the publication of the Communist Manifesto, 158 years ago. (thanks Rana). Marx and Engels Internet Archive . Book changed the world, by the … Continue reading

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This is a pic of Imogen Bunting on her first day of school in New York. I am thinking of her and want her well. We have been editing a book together, to be called “Communist Trinkets” but as its … Continue reading

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It is probably important not to allow the vignette to replace analysis, the two are tied together, but we don’t want the story to provide an alibi for those who would avoid the implications of the theory. Here, elegance of … Continue reading

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SOUTH LONDON PACIFIC Tiki Lounge Cocktail Bar

SOUTH LONDON PACIFIC Tiki Lounge Cocktail Bar this is the venue. Kenninton’s unique bit ofg cheesy pacific. (its not like this anywhere I ever swam).. From: John Hutnyk – Academic Director, Centre for Cultural Studies Work: Blog: Links: … Continue reading

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You can eat your cake and read him too

A gloriously delicious birthday cake (yes, I am 45 in a week) arrived at the start of the Marx reading group last night – this slightly out of focus pic does not do it justice at all. Proof was in … Continue reading

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