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space exploration

Having been gifted a copy of Klaus Maeck’s film ‘Commissioner of Sewers’ (thanks Jo and Howard), I’ve also been reading again about Uncle Bill’s schoolboy education at Los Alamos. He attends a ranch school in the mountains, a rural retreat … Continue reading

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Damoclash :: Bekijk onderwerp – Review van een Derive in Leuven

An interesting and wide-thinking bunch of stuff on Damoclash :: Bekijk onderwerp – Review van een Derive in Leuven: “Whatever image the sociologist has, whether [of the] flaneur, [a] dull turnip, intrepid hero or deep thinker, women always have to … Continue reading

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Money talks: tracking dollar bills

Couldn’t resist a nod to the sly humour of these German researchers who somehow managed to get this research project up in Molochville. It has both a very serious mission in the medical field, and a subtly unremarked critical commentary … Continue reading

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In beer Mat Veritas Us

A bright new moment to soak up your time in the bar. Significations are ablaze, globalisation appears at its micro-moment, culture in a mass-reproduced, absorbent, four inch square: there is no other way to adequately describe advertising other than the … Continue reading

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Jodie Dean is clear

Jodie Dean writes:“focus is overrated, clarity is overrated, blurs, slurs, and indistinctions communicate too; as in also, as in excess, what sort of insecurities do we hide when we insist on an impossible clarity?” doll4 Originally uploaded by oladybug0.. From: … Continue reading

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From the Vault –

[Maybe it would be better not to retrieve this from the hungry mice, but then maybe it does document something of the reasons why I left what my crafty friend Sooz calls ‘the toxic swamp’ that is Melbourne University. Its … Continue reading

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Clandestino Festival – Kollektiv –

The best annual music festival in Europe is Clandestino Festival – Kollektiv – “the Clandestino Festival, Goteborg Sweden (see linked for info in English). The next (4th one) will take place 8-11 June 2006. See also for international … Continue reading

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