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Art Resistance TV DVD Edition 8 is now available! DVD Editions can be purchased individually, or join our subscription list and receive a new edition every three weeks! (or why not install a satellite dish and receiver and watch ARTV … Continue reading

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Research (in search of pirate treasures)

I am seeing out the end of 05 in a hammock… and as I already said to some friends, I am looking at effects of the terror war on the tourist economy in these parts (South East Asian countries like … Continue reading

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Birthday of Mao

.. I guess there was some sort of god-bothering festival yesterday, and as a consequence I got this really fine present (trink trink…). Actually, I am sure the giver already knew the 26th is the day of the Great Helmsman… … Continue reading

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Source of all things…coffee

I am sitting in the Madeira café listening in on a conversation between three building workers. One is telling the other two Eastern European looking blokes, in a voice destined to be overheard, a scattered but selectively plausible version of … Continue reading

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I walk into the newsagent to face a choice of 75 magazines telling me about a range of pretty much the same consumer choices – which computer, which video, which movie. All of them have the same perfect model on … Continue reading

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anthropologee chickadoo

Met some more members of the silly covert student group calling themselves Hit Culture or something today. Got into conversation and I think they are serious. Totally mad, but serious. They want to extend political assassinations to academics. Claiming that … Continue reading

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Rio Tinto Crocodile Co…

From the look of Daniel I knew that he had been away too long.– Hi Mate, how are…His cutting off grunt and wave of shaky hand confirmed it. Daniel worked on a remote Crocodile sanctuary. An absurd undercover research predicament, … Continue reading

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