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On Dennis's Work of Art

Book chapter abstract – to be written over the next two months or so…(I hope) ‘Documentary Provocations: Dennis O’Rourke’s Sex Tourism Revisited’ ‘I would not recommend that movie as an educational tool’ – Thelma Burgonio-Watson quoted in The Filmmaker and … Continue reading

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NO SHOOT TO KILL CAMPAIGN PLEASE READ AND SUPPORT THE STATEMENT BELOW Jean Charles de Menezes was killed by armed police inside Stockwell Tube station on 22 July. His execution brought world-wide attention to a shoot to kill policy that … Continue reading

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Google Mail – Land Mines A Love Story wins Best Documentary at the AFI Awards!

Land Mines – A Love Story by the acclaimed Australian director Dennis O’Rourke, has just won the award for ‘Best Documentary’ at the prestigious 2005 Australian Film Institute Awards! The film is a compelling anti-war film set in Afghanistan, a … Continue reading

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Trinketization before the neologists got hold of it. [credit: terminologification by TBW].

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Mike Crang has been consistently sharp, so I like his stuff… He writes: “However, we also need to inject some dynamism here – the tourist is not just someone who has a particular cultural baggage or who responds to a … Continue reading

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A Johnson minds his own business

Meant to put this up days ago since I got it from Carrie. Watch William S. Burroughs Thanksgiving Prayer, November 28, 1986 (courtesy of Gus Van Sant): . From: John Hutnyk – Academic Director, Centre for Cultural Studies Work: … Continue reading

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Mobs, Gangs, Rogues… & The Lumpen

As we approach the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the BPP it may be worth remembering that music and politics produced some fine and dandy sounds: Here they are (click the link) The Lumpen – a Black Panther Party … Continue reading

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